Rarity Levels


0-1,999 RP


2,000-3,999 RP


4,000-5,999 RP

Very Rare

6,000-7,499 RP

Ultra Rare

7,500-8,999 RP


9000-10,000 RP

What Is It?

The Rarity Points system is a strategically developed system to determine exactly how rare is each individual NFT. Rarity is determined by RP (Rarity Points) weight. The more RP a NFT holds, The more rare it is. Each trait an NFT holds has a preset RP weight, Some traits weigh more than others depending on the rarity that trait.

How It Works

Step 1- Mint NFT

Step 2- Examine your NFT and determine the name of each trait and how many traits your NFT holds.

Step 3- Once you have a basis of the traits your NFT holds, Use the Rarity Weight Table provided below to determine what the RP weight is for each trait. Some trait weigh more than others.

Step 4- Once the sum total RP weight for each trait is determined, You will add up all the RP your traits carry and your final number will determine your NFTs rarity


Rarity Level